Friday, December 15, 2006


One of the things I like about the 'net is how you can get shows from the BBC.

I think I wrote about The IT Crowd before. It's going to be picked up and American-ized by NBC. The only show where this has been successful is with The Office - and even the American version has a very different feel from the BBC version. Hope they don't screw it up ala Coupling and Men Behaving Badly. Granted, I never liked either version of Coupling, but the BBC version of Men Behaving Badly is terrifically funny.

My latest interest has been with Torchwood. I found out about it from a good friend and had J download it for me. It's been really fun to watch. It's also been interesting to see some of the parallels from the current Doctor Who to this series (they're by the same folks). The actor, John Barrowman, is dreamy. I think he may be gay, but he's still great eye candy!


Anonymous said...

I want to see a pic of the cherry dishcloth! I love the ones that you did for the teachers. esp the round one. I don't get BBC (or the whole UK for that matter) so I cannot comment. All I know is that most British comedy is HILARIOUS and I like a lot of English things - including the name 'bubble & squeak' for a dish - I have never eaten mind you - but I do like the name.

Ceallach said...

How did you download Torchwood? Can you send me the link?