Monday, September 17, 2007

Arwen Update

I have about 9 inches knitted on the Arwen. The pattern calls for 12-inches, but I'm going to knit this a little longer - my torso is longer than most.

It's not perfect, but you'd have to look really hard to find the flaws. I'm finally getting the zen of cabling it. I am also very happy with the yarn. It still splits, but if I slow it down a bit, then it's not so bad.

The flip cards are great until you have a 5 year old close it up and you lose your place. :) I think I need to add a paper clip to the page that I'm on so if it happens again, I know where I am.

It's funny, I just noticed that the colors in the Arwen are similar to the purse. Purple-y Blue.

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