Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Domestic Goddess

Okay. I am SO not domestically oriented. Not at all.

I loved having my home cleaned once a week - but we let our housekeeper go and the duties have fell to us.

It's a struggle and we're not the best at keeping the house cleaned up.

J bought a vacuum shortly after we let the housekeeper go - and the vacuum wasn't all that great. Last week, I finally figured out that the vacuum wasn't working properly.

Yesterday J & M came home from school a little later than usual - complete with a new vacuum in tow.

I love my new vacuum. Once I had it assembled, it actually sucked. Really. It was a strange feeling.

I vacuumed as much of the house as I could. It's nice to be able to vacuum the vinyl areas without having the dirt fly everywhere.

I ended up emptying the basket twice. It's mostly Mel's hair and fine dust.

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