Monday, September 10, 2007

Bleedin' Jesus

Yesterday we were in Austin on our way home and we stopped at a Cracker Barrel. M is currently trying to read EVERYTHING she sees - but she does a lot of guessing.

J asked her what she wanted to drink and showed her the "Beverages 'n Juice" section of the menu.

"Bleedin' Jesus!" she exclaims very loudly.

I honestly don't know where she got that. We are trying to teach her to be respectful of others - really.

I'm just glad I wasn't drinking my coffee at the time - I know it would have been a spit take for sure. It's hard to not laugh when you're trying to teach her to not do such a thing.


Grace said...

Haha! A Bleedin' Jesus sounds like it would be red wine and vermouth or something!

Cetta said...

Bwah! I would have spit my coffee as well.

I think I shall adopt this phrase, if you don't mind ;)