Friday, September 21, 2007

Kid Nation & 5 YO Fashion Sense

CBS has a new show with 40 kids who are in charge of living in an old western town. M is really intrigued and we HAD to watch it together.

She loves the show and it's fun watching the expressions on her face when things happen that trigger her emotions. She confided to me while I was tucking her in that she would be like the eight year old boy who decided to go home early. She said she would just miss us so much.

There's a bratty 15 year old - who really reminds me a lot of my 15 year old nephews.

I am really trying to savor the time I have with M now as it's such a good age. I know it'll change.

When I was at Weight Watchers, the leader mentioned that she is having a difficult time liking her 14 year old. She asked when will she like her child again, and the members joked 10 years.


I am *so* not looking forward to the teens. M is stubborn now as it is.

Case in point: Today is picture day for school. I helped her get dressed and let her pick out her clothes. I had to hold up every dress in front of her while she modeled it in a full length mirror. It had to pass the PEACE test. She would shoot her left hip out, flash a peace sign and said "PEACE". If the dress failed the test, she'd look up at me and shake her head "no". As you can imagine, we went through 90% of her dresses before one would work out. I don't put up with this very often and end up giving her 5 minutes to dress or I would find an outfit that she'd have to wear (this is pretty effective and gets her moving).

I also wanted her to leave her hair down, but she wanted pony tails.

I went to Weight Watchers this morning, so J had to get M to school. Apparently, she decided to wear a headband and a necklace because they "make her look pretty". I have no idea how her school picture is going to turn out. We just may have to get it so it can remind us of this period in her life.

The teachers at school get a kick out of M's fashion sense. It's almost becoming a bit of a game to see what type of outfit she can dream up next. Her favorite accessory for the past couple of months has been the green striped socks she got from softball. She'll wear them with shorts, dresses, you name it. I also love it when she decides to purposely mismatch her socks.


Anonymous said...

Your daughter, God bless her is making her statement to the world that she is her own person. She unique and individual. It's pretty gutsy to be unique and stand out against one's peers. Good on her. She will continue to be unique in her own way. I commend her.

Knitting Rose said...

Good for her!! she is awesome! You never know - i still like my 16 yr old daughter! and she still likes me!! that is a major accomplishment.

LMardenNH said...

my favorite outfit in high school was bright yellow overalls with a purple shirt and bright yellow sneakers. Tell your daughter to ROCK on!