Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Identity re-framed

Have you ever rocked along in life and had your identity briefly be reworked over?

For example, on my 21st birthday, I was sitting at a bar, drinking, and mentioned that I was a preemie.

My sister did a spit take.

"Oh, my God! You bought that!" she said incredulously.

"Well, yeah."

"You can't be a seven pound preemie"

So, my folks were married on May 1st, I was born seven months later. Of course I had done the math as a kid and my folks told me that I was a preemie.

It came as a shock at 21. I felt foolish because I knew better, I just decided to hang on to the lie.

Funny, but a shock none the less. My folks had SEX before marriage!! They were pregnant when they got married!!


I had a similar experience just the other day.

For years I've thought my height was 5'-10 3/4" tall. I would round up and felt like I was cheating, so I'd tell folks that I round up.

I went to a physical for a study I've enrolled in last week. They measured the length of my legs, distance between joints, etc.

They also measured how tall I am.

I am 5'-11 1/4" tall!

When the heck did I grow that extra 1/2 inch? Thinking back, high school was the last time I measured.


Now I can say that I round down a little. :)

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