Monday, September 10, 2007

Reviewed: "The Wheel of Darkness" by Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child

I like the series these two authors have created with Aloysius Pendergast, but this book was a disappointment.

The majority of the story takes place on an ocean liner. I hate ocean liner stories. It's too Poseidon Adventure. The story just didn't have the scenery their usual stories have. I also didn't like the whole "anti-Buddha" theme. It was really silly.

The other thing that I dislike is it seemed like the story line from the previous books was lost. The author's note at the end of the book was a cop out. They maintain that their books are stand alone books.

Uh, sorry. They just aren't. I think they just had trouble writing themselves out of the previous novel. That's just poor story telling and I felt ripped off.

That being said, I love the main character and his "ward" Constance Greene. I'll still read their next novel. They seem to be writing a summer novel each year, so I have another year till the next book.

Did I mention that I love the library?

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