Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The bag is lined

I used a stiff interface to line the bag. I traced the bottom of the popcorn can onto the interface. Then I traced the bag shells onto the interface and cut it out.

Then I put the interface in the bag to see if it fit. It didn't. So I pinned the interface and retraced.
Here's same setup at a different angle. Retracing:
I cut it out and used Wonder Under to fasten the fabric to the interfacing. I thought I bought single sided facing, but when I ironed, the fabric wasn't sticking. Wonder Under worked great. I cut the fabric so it would have a nice over lap. I had to cut slits in the areas of the shells in order to get the fabric to cover them.
Unfortunately, I didn't get photo's of the bag as I sewed it. I winged the whole thing and had to pull out a couple of seams before I was happy with the result.
I sewed around the shells to tack down the overlapping fabric. I then took the bottom circle, and with the right sides facing each other, sewed the bottom circle to the bottom of the side stabilizer (the shell piece). I then sewed up the sides and ironed them flat. I then had the liner done and ended up hand stitching the top into the bottom of the shells.Here's the inside of the bag.
And a photo of the bottom. Okay. So I didn't do the internal zipper pouch. My sewing skills aren't that great and I really wanted to see if I could finish this nicely. I guess I don't want it to look TOO homemade. Does that make sense?See how nicely it stands up on its own?
Next: sew in a zipper. I bought a 12-inch zipper, but it needs a 15-inch one. I'll go and swap it out later on this week.


Lora said...

ah OMG look at you!! well now I know where to come look when I try to line mine!!!!!!

Jen Da Purse Ho said...

AHAHHAHAAH i've been trying to figure out how to line mine since my sewing skills SUCK! :) so i've been plotting...then i put it away for a little while...and i wasn't even thinking of interfacing really. I was just going to line it w/ fabric and hope for the best. hehehe. i'll think about this some more. :) Yours looks awesome!


pretty, pretty...ya done good!