Monday, August 20, 2007

Reviewed: "Queen's Ransom" by Fiona Buckley

This is the third in the Ursula Blanchard series. I skipped the second one because it was misplaced in my local library. I'm now reading it.

This story was pretty good. Ursula was dispatched to France to be a female chaperone to her former father-in-law's new ward. France is on the brink of sectarian violence and the party is trying to get the girl and go home. Ursula was also sent to meet France's Queen regent. While there, the queen held Ursula's maid as a heretic. Ursula negotiated a ransom with the queen and set off to Antwerp where her dead husband had squirreled away a small fortune.

Of course there are foiled traps. I like this Ursula as she's resigned to help out her maid.

My biggest problem with the story is the ending. (SPOILER ALERT!) Ursula goes back to her husband to live in France as a heretic. She leaves her daughter Meg in England. The ending seemed very tacked on and not well done. I don't know where the story can go from this book, but apparently it does go on.

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