Tuesday, August 28, 2007

I pulled the trigger

I tossed the bag in the wash this morning and washed it once. That was all it needed. Lamb's Pride felts very nicely. Here's the bag straight from the washing machine. I was concerned about felting it because I didn't want to lose stitch definition. As you can see here, the stitch definition is fuzzy, but it's not gone.
I am using a popcorn can to block the bag.

I covered it with a kitchen trash bag because I don't want it to rust while drying.

I love how the double knit felted up. The sides stayed straight (my girly satchel handle curled and I was never able to get them out. The double knit looks and feels SO much better.

Here's the bag once I stretched it to dry.

Here's the bottom of the bag. I think this may be the whole reason why I knitted this project. It's just so beautiful and looks even better while blocking.I decided to use the hardware off my current bag and knitted a garter tab to attach the handles.

I ran to Joann's last night and used my 40% off coupons for this material. I think it matches nicely. The blues have more purple in them than I realized.I love this bag.


Karen said...

Absolutely stunning - it looks like stained glass - use it well

Gigi said...