Friday, August 24, 2007

Strap it is

Okay. I finally decided on what I want to do for the handle. I started on a double i-cord handle, but it just wasn't as wide as I wanted it to be, and it was going SLOW.

My friend, MA, had suggested knitting a double knit strap and felt it. I never have done double knitting, but once I cast on, it was a snap. It's also very quick, too.

I haven't felted the bag yet. I'm thinking I'm going to knit some tabs and connect some metal rings on them. I've seen some neat clasps that are like hooks. I'll attach the hooks at the ends of the strap. Maybe it will make the bag look less home made.

I will also need to stop by my local Joann's to pick up some interfacing, liner fabric, and a couple of zippers for the lining of the bag. I'm just waiting on getting some coupons so I can do it on the cheap.

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