Thursday, August 23, 2007

M's first day - the aftermath

I think M's first day of school just plum wore her out.

She's holding on to a large Googly ball. I said she won it in our local library summer reading program (I had to buy it for her on the QT as she didn't win anything in the drawing - I just don't want to discourage her reading progress right now.)

It was a good buy. She's thrilled with it and, as you can see here, carries it around everywhere she tries to get away with it. She's also very proud telling people that she won it for reading 35 books over the summer.

NOTE ADDED: The ball shown in the photo above is a "Massive Googly Ball" and I bought it at my local grocery store. The library had some on display as prizes for the summer reading program (SRP). M wanted one SO bad. Since she didn't win anything from the SRP, I bought this instead.

Now that someone has asked for a pattern, I can easily see a felted modification of Jess Hutch's Spherey become a knitted "googly" ball. . .


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Anonymous said...

Not familiar with googly toy you are referring to, can you take a photo of the toy and put it on your blog for me please????? (Might want to try and knit up a similar toy myself for the needy kids I knit for).

Note: I used to do much the same thing for my kids eg, replacing dead goldfish before they got home from school....I thought I did the right thing at the time.