Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Happy Plate

"Momma, I'm gonna make a Happy Plate!" M crowed proudly.

I asked her who taught her about Happy Plates.

"Miss Kristy," she answered.

Miss Kristy needs to teach her own kids about eating right - she's just as overweight as I am.

I hate hearing M talk about making Happy Plates, but she's just so happy to aspire to do so. I'd rather her make a happy tummy - i.e. just eat until she's full.

I still have the problem of eating everything on my plate - especially if I'm eating out. What's weird is that it's more of an economic choice rather than making myself feel full. It's so expensive to eat out, that I want to make sure that I get my money's worth. And of course, restaurant portions are huge and have gotten larger over the years. Perhaps thats one of the reasons?

Makes you wonder.

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Rick said...

My wife used to worry about this as well. She always felt guilty about leaving food on the plate until I explained to her that the cost of the meal was just to fill her up. It's not her fault that they put too much food on the plate. So she's paying to be full, not for a certain amount of food. Of course, I usually eat everthing on my plate, but that's because I really enjoy eating.