Friday, October 21, 2005


Nip/Tuck has been a favorite show since the first season. The story is amazing and the writers do a good job of keeping you glued to your seat.


Latest plot: A guy is going around and carving the faces of models (they call him/her The Carver). McNamara/Troy has been fixing the victims for free. The Carver in the previous season went after both Sean & Christian because they were fixing his victims. This season, Christian was arrested for being the Carver. Kit, the investigating police woman, went under cover and has a threesome with Christian and his girlfriend, Kimber. Kimber leaked Christian's arrest to the news media, and the Carver struck again while Christian was locked up. The victim: Kit.

GOAM and I have debated on who we think the Carver is. She thinks it's a woman Kit or Ava. I think it's a man. I've thought initially that it was the new pseudo partner, Quentin. Quentin was a character last season and he has a man crush on Sean.

But I do like Goam's theory about it being Ava. After pontificating on this a little, it could also be Ava's first "husband", played by Alex Baldwin.

I don't know where the Carver got all the evidence to frame Christian. Perhaps Kit was absolutely convinced that Christian was the Carver that she planted the evidence.

Ah. It's fun to just ruminate on trivial stuff! Christian is dreamy! I wouldn't kick him out of my bed for eating cookies. :)

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