Saturday, October 01, 2005

Weight Watch

I maintained my weight this week - that means I didn't gain or lose weight.

The meeting topic was really good. It was about labels and attitude. What I took home from it was how I've been allowing myself to not stay on the WW plan.

Sandy, the WW leader, told us a story about when she went to Applebee's recently. It was a Tuesday night and their all you can eat rib night. A woman and her husband entered and she said, "Oh, wow! All you can eat ribs! I can be out of control!"

So, this woman planned on being out of control, she set it up by going to Applebee's on that specific day, and she did eat - out of control.

I can't tell you how many times I've done this. Not the eating out of control bit, but the deliberate mental thought process to eat something that I know isn't healthy for me. I actually set it up and it happens.

For so long I've bought into the whole, "I can't keep my weight off" argument. No, I can. I just choose not to - then I don't take ownership of that decision.

Just knowing this won't automatically change my behavior overnight. But recognizing it will help me to at least try to work on it.

Another thing that came up is the fact that if I don't think I'll make my goal weight, then I probably won't. I have so much weight to lose - it get discouraging sometimes to even think about it. But I didn't get here overnight, so it won't get fixed overnight, either.

I just have to keep on plugging. I won't be perfect - but as long as I keep trying and don't give up, I should at least see myself at a healthy weight.

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debbiecakes said...

This was a flashback to my days as a Jenny Craig consultant. I could of used an honest answer from some of my clients every once in a while. I could write a book about that place. Anyway, I plan to do story about on my blog "Smile if You're Lying". The most bizarre things that happened behind the scenes and had almost nothing to do with the actual weight loss clientel.
I've had the "can't bugde the scale" moments, too. I recently rented that McD's expose, "SuperSize Me", and was amazed at how much food preservatives play a part in our unrelentless cravings, over eating and then gaining weight and also extreme blood sugar fluctuation which result in mega mood swings. I've been on an all organic diet ever since(like 2 weeks ago...), I lost about two pounds without any excersize or even trying. My munchies have gone way down. I even made some oatmeal cookies-which normally I could eat all day, and switched all the ingredients to organic, including organic sugar and flour. I could eat one and not even feel the need to have another. It tasted the same as the normal cookie but I felt satisfied without going through at least one dozen.
Okay, so there you have my input. A bit long, but I really related.