Monday, October 03, 2005

More weight issues

My husband had on some show on one of those learning/discovery channels the other day. It was called, Half Ton Man and talked about this guy who weighed 1,000 pounds.

One thing that was interesting to me was the attitude of the Bariatric Surgeon. He's had RnY and has said that even though someone has lost weight, check them in 10 years time to see if they've kept it off and he'd bet that they didn't.

Not an encouraging statistic.

He also said something regarding feeling full. I remember when I was on Phen Fen, I actually got full and didn't want to eat. It was a new feeling and I finally understood that I'm genetically different. I can easily eat after a meal - especially dessert. I hate that Phen Fen was pulled from the market because it was really a wonder drug for me.

One thing that I know that I've done since I work out of the home is to not pay attention to how other people struggle with their weight. Even people I consider as being healthy really have to work hard at keeping the weight off.

And really it comes down to work. I know I'm obese because I'm lazy - I ate out a lot because I was too tired to cook dinner, or needed to get out of the house. Portion control is much more difficult to do if you're at a restaurant. I know all the tricks about cutting the meal in half and boxing it. . . but when you have already made up your mind that you want to eat the fetuccini alfredo noodles, even halving it doesn't help. It's a bad choice.

I have to get an exercise program going. I was swimming at the same time my kiddo was taking lessons, but the stinking pool changed the lap swim time up by an hour, so I can't fit it into my schedule as easily as I was able to. It was great, too, because my ankles wouldn't get arthritic feeling. I'm hoping they'll go back to the old schedule when swim season is over. The pool is crowded, but they could still allow at least one lane open for public lap swim.


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