Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Sci-Fi Television Shows

The new television season is filled with new sci-fi shows - presumably to try to duplicate the success of Lost.

I don't think any of them are going to really stick.

Surface (NBC - Monday nights)
Invasion (ABC - Wednesday nights)
Threshold (CBS - Friday nights)

Surface, so far, the only one with some promise, but it just doesn't have the charm of Lost. It's almost as though a whole bunch of Godzilla's are going to eat everything in the world up. Where's the mystery? The little lizard-thing eating the shit-bag dog was a nice touch (I am a big dog person - little dogs remind me too much of my grandfather's weird preoccupation with his toy-poodles).

I wanted Invasion to be good, mainly because I have some loyalty to one of my childhood crushes, Shawn Cassidy. The show is written and produced by him. He wrote and produced a great show a while ago that got cancelled (American Gothic). But it's just invasion of the body snatchers - and it's just not all that well done.

Threshold has been a little of a surprise and I definitely stumbled onto this by mistake. First of all, it's shown on Friday nights. That's pretty much a death knell program slot. The Adventures of Brisco County Jr. was doomed when Fox put them on Friday nights, and I have a feeling that Threshold is not long for this world.

It's another alien invasion show - this time the aliens take over humans through audio transmissions.

Ugh, how LAME! And it's another alien invasion show. I just don't particularly care for alien invasion shows ever since the television mini-series V.

I also had high hopes for this one when I saw some of the actors who were in it. There's Data and the angry dwarf guy from Elf/The Station Agent. Plus the plot keeps on repeating itself over, and over. I don't see this one continuing next season, either.

Current favorite Sci-Fi shows:

The 4400 (USA - currently on hiatus)
Lost (ABC - Wednesday nights)
Battlestar Galactica (Sci-Fi - on hiatus)

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