Tuesday, October 18, 2005


This is a toy that my daughter picked up at our local McDonald's. Isn't it hideous? As an overweight person, this just offends and horrifies me. I mean come on, when you press the button on the back, the belly mouth opens and closes. There's even a butt crack and back fat shown on the back.

The fact that it comes from McDonald's isn't lost on me. I'm sure most folks have seen Supersize Me by now. Now McDonald's even has a toy that shows how you'll look if you continue to eat their food!

And of course, M loves this toy and thinks it's very pretty. She likes anything that's pink.

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Leesa Dee said...

Speaking as a fat person (who did not get fat eating at McD's), I am not offended. It's funny. The fatty is making a smiley face out of his belly flab. :)