Thursday, October 20, 2005


I like the characters. I love the way the writers flash back in time to show their lives before the accident. It really helps to build the characters, and character development in prime time shows is almost non-existent now. I think the reason is because the writing is very good for a prime time show. Yes, we wait too long for the payoffs, but at least they payoff. I just stopped taping Invasion because it just keeps going - and the story isn't very original.

I saw the ring being found by the buried bottle a mile away.

Things that keep me watching Lost:

1. Who are the Others?

We just got a peek at their feet for the first time. They look like they've been stranded on the island too as they're white and some of them are obviously female. I always considered the Others as possibly original inhabitants of the island. I also think there are two different groups - not just one - as I don't think the Others are associated with the guys in the motor boat (or the pirates, as they were dressed as such).

2. Why do they keep on killing off the people?

3. Kate loves Sawyer. I think Sawyer is going to be the one who gets killed in the next episode (which is three weeks away!).

4. Where is Walt?

5. Who is "HE" (Donovan kept asking about)?

6. What happened to the experiment we saw on the training film?


The Others are a part of some type of experiment and are still being observed. They've been told that there was a sickness they could catch, but since they've survived, they think they're immune. They are killing off the passengers because they're afraid the passengers will catch the virus and they don't want to get it. I initially thought the Others were killing the passengers and eating them, but when I saw the Others were white and they killed the passenger with a spear (i.e., they didn't get close or eat him) it essentially killed the cannibalism theory.

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