Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Fun Meme

Go to Wikipedia and type in your birthday month and day only. Then post three events, two births and one holiday that occurred on your birthday.

3 Events:

  1. 1943 - US President Franklin D. Roosevelt closes down the Works Progress Administration, because of the high levels of wartime employment in the United States.
    (I am a mild fan of WPA architecture.)
  2. 1959 - A monkey returns to Earth safely, after being launched 55 miles high into outer space by the United States space program.
    (Monkeys in space!)
  3. 2006 - Adult giant squid was finally caught on video by Kubodera near the Ogasawara Islands, 1,000 km (620 miles) south of Tokyo.
    (This just smacks of old 50's sci-fi movies)

2 Births

  1. 1949 - Jeff Bridges, American actor (The Dude!!!!)
  2. 1966 - Fred Armisen, American actor and musician (I honestly don't know who he is)

1 Holiday

Roman festivals - secret ceremonies in honor of Bona Dea

1 comment:

John Hattan said...

The NHL is established.

Cream plays their farewell concert.

Eight years later, The Band plays their farewell concert.

Queen Maud (I like the name) and Charles Shulz (the Peanuts guy)

Day of the Covenant (B'Hai)