Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Freedom

I've gone back and really pruned this post back. Sorry folks!

Note to self: Never blog under the influence!

A couple of days before the 4th we visited a local fireworks shop.

"What's that great smell!" swooned my 5 year old daughter.

"That's the smell of black powder, sweetie," answered my husband while looking pointedly towards me.

"That's my girl," I crowed proudly!

You see, I am a Pyro.


I used to belong to the Pyrotechnic Guild International and have helped out on a couple of commercial fireworks shows. I would make my own fireworks but J has forbidden me from buying the chemicals as he has grown attached to all 10 of my fingers.

We get home and set off some of the fireworks we bought. Her favorite ones were the small fountains. I will never forget the look on my child's face when the first one was lit - sheer terror (M is afraid of loud noises - has been since she was a baby). When she established that it wasn't loud, the look changed from terror to joy.

"Do it again! Do it again!" she says while jumping up and down.

The next fountain was more fun than the first. She scrunched up her shoulders in anticipation. When the sparks started to fly, she jumped up and down again.

That's my girl!

Flash to the Fourth of July. A group of us have schlepped our lawn chairs out to the local park for a grand view of the local fireworks show. It was a lovely evening as it's perhaps the first time it had not rained in WEEKS! The temperature was in the upper 70's and we had to spay mosquito spray several times as those little buggers were very aggressive.

M was a little scared that the fireworks were going to be loud since we were sitting closer to them this year. They weren't overly loud, so she absolutely enjoyed the show.

"Hooray, Fireworks," yelled my 5 year old while watching this year's fireworks and jumping up and down in tremendous joy. She was wearing a ballet leotard (with sparkles), white tights, and a tutu that was silver with a red, white, and blue theme. She was ready for the Fourth of July!

Happy Forth of July!

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