Monday, July 02, 2007


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I've done a silly thing and cast on for Mystery Stole #3. I had some Skacel Merino Wool lace and some beads left over from a failed project.

Here's the result after 60 rows (I have another 40 to go to finish up Clue #1)


Teresa said...

Wow Shelly, that's gonna be gorgeous! It already is!

Tasha said...


LisaBe said...

are there really eleventy billion people knitting this in ravelry? or that many kals, at least? it's crazy beautiful, for sure! i'll have to check out the pattern next time i get a wild lace hair :)

Manda said...

gorgeous! :)

Ronda & Ben said...

Very nice, very nice indeed.
make me want to knit lace.