Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Sign I'm Getting Old?

J & I did the mental math and determined that we've known each other half our lives.

For someone who bumped around as much as I did as a kid, to have a friend that long is a real achievement.

Thanks for being a good friend, J. You are the best.

The other sign is my recent love of watching CSPAN whenever a controversial person testifies to Congress. I've seen all the main players in this judicial mess and I have to say, for me, it's better than any soap opera I can think of.

I have a small CSPAN crush. I love it when I can go through the archives and see testimonies for myself instead of having it fed to me in sound bites.

Let's face it. Old people watch CSPAN.

It really reminds me of a discussion I had years ago with my uncle regarding fiction versus non-fiction. He's a HUGE fan of non-fiction literature and, at that time, told me the virtues of reading it.

"What I like about reading non-fiction is that I am constantly amazed at the stories these books contain and find it fascinating that they really happened," said my uncle (or paraphrased).

The older I've become, I have to understand his stand. I've read lots of non-fiction since then, but in order to draw me in, the writing has to be done well.

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Dorothy said...

Is that why I've been reading lots more non-fiction lately? Don't doubt it.