Friday, July 13, 2007

Reviewed: "Adulthood Rites" by Octavia Butler

This is the second in her "Lilith's Brood" trilogy and it's the story of one of Lilith's construct children - the first male child born from a human mother (all the other male children were born with the alien mothers - long story). The construct children have always looked alien and strange to humans, which only strengthens the resistors resolve to rebel against forced sterilization.

The male construct looks so human that he's actually kidnapped by resistors and is raised for a period of time with resistors. This contact with the resistors allows the male construct to understand the human need to have human children and he's able to convince the aliens to allow humans to colonize Mars - but have human fertility restored.

The aliens do not wish to do this as they feel humans have an inherent flaw: hierarchical society, which in the end, will ultimately end in failure like it did on Earth.

But they allow colonization and many resistors immigrate.

Interesting, but this book was the most violent of the three.

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