Monday, July 07, 2008


We had a good time at a friend's fourth of July party. I was especially proud of M. Our friend had a toss game and made a big production of how someone could win a medal. One of the kids won the medal.

"You are the Fourth of July Medal Winner!" he'd say with much a booming voice while placing the medal around the kids neck.

M was the second one to get the medal. She then proceeded to help all the other kids win the medals. She'd march them over to our friend and excitedly say, "T, so-and-so just won a medal!" Then T would do his deal and the kids were really, really happy.

J asked me if M was being a game show hostess. In a way, I guess she was. I was just very proud that she made sure ALL the kids got one - even the little ones.

Makes a momma proud!

Oh, and I forgot how much I LOVE fireworks! They are SO cool. Grapevine certainly didn't have enough salutes - those are my favorites!

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