Monday, July 14, 2008

I've become one of "those" people - Part One

My latest foray into trying to do things from scratch (noodles, bread) is now bleeding over into homemade beer.

J & I always had a small distain for people who would come up to you and say, "try my homemade beer - it's much better than the stuff you can buy at the store." Invariably, it's not as good as they push it.

But I recently tried making my own ginger ale and it worked. It did get a little stinky after a while, but I now know it's because I had some bad bacteria in the bottle.

The friend who turned me on to making the ginger ale mentioned that she made some root beer and that the extract can be found at Foreman's General Store in Colleyville. I visited their website and found out that they have lots of home brewing tools. So, last weekend, J & I ran over and spoke to George Foreman - the guy in charge - and thought about it. We bought a kit. Here's the hardware kit (it was around $50).This is the primary fermentor.

It has a hole in the bottom for a spigot (which comes with the kit).
The lid has a hole that will allow the CO2 to bleed out while it's fermenting in the secondary container (I think).
There are more things that came in the kit (bottle capper, hydrometer, thermometer). I'll post photos of those as I use them.

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