Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Ribber - again

Well, travelling with my CSM machine is a bit difficult. After I made the ribbed sock for me, I broke down the machine and haven't been able to get my ribber to work again.

I tried snugging the plates together because the ribber needles were tilting again - and I had the timing right.

Now I find that the 30 slot ribber dial isn't turning smoothly - I haven't figured out if my tappet plate is warped or if it's the ribber dial. I noticed that whenever my ribber screws up, it screws up consistently in the same location. I took the ribber off and tried spinning it - lo' and behold, I have a drag somewhere.

I've learned that anything from knitting with my CSM, any kind of drag will screw up your knitting.

Fortunately I have the 36 slot ribber dial. I'll put it on the ribber and see if I have the same problem. If I do, then I'm going to say I have a problem with my tappet plate. If the 36 slot dial turns smoothly, then I have a problem with my 30 slot dial.

Slowly but surely I am figuring it out. I did have someone comment on a previous post that she felt lucky because she bought a machine from Pat Fly. I have to agree with her (and am a bit jealous that she thinks using her ribber is easier than a hung hem sock); BUT, I have to say the engineer in me is really enjoying stumbling through trying to figure the machine out.

Jacquie Grant may be coming to the D/FW area, but I'll be out of town in Seattle when she's here. From what I hear, she's a true wizard when it comes to fixing any AK machine. I'm a little on the fence regarding sending my machine to her when she comes to town. On one hand, this is a great opportunity, on the other, I won't be around to learn. Jacquie goes to all the CSM conventions - I think I'll wait and keep on stumbling through getting my machine up and running smoothly on my own.

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Kyle Kunnecke said...

you know that some of the people who tinker with CSM's will recondition your machine, don't you? Email Pat Fly and ask her if you're interested... if you're having trouble, they can make troubles melt away... :)