Monday, July 07, 2008

Green Tip

We're trying to be a little more Green in our day to day lives.

J just bought a solar slow cooker oven. We find ourselves using the heck out of our crockpot. If we can do the same with the solar slow cooker, then why shouldn't we?

I also noticed how many paper towels I use while cooking - just to keep my hands clean. So the last time we went to IKEA, I bought a TON of dishcloths. I have them now stacked right underneath the paper towel roll to remind myself to reach for one of those instead. The towels also dry very quickly on the clothes line, so it's working out.

Drying clothes on the clothes line is actually working out better for me. J washes the clothes and used to dry them in the dryer - it was my job to fold them and help him put the clothes away. Seeing that I'd rather knit than fold clothes, I'd let the clothes pile up until I couldn't stand the pile any longer. The clothes line forces us to get the clothes put away then and there. We also don't wait so long to start doing the laundry because it takes some time to dry them now.
Hopefully we can keep this up.

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