Monday, July 14, 2008

I've become one of "those" people - Part Two

Here's a photo of the beer brew kit I bought ($40). Its supposed to taste like Shiner Bock (my all time favorite beer).
Here's what's in the box:
Next I have to boil all that stuff for an hour and I have to make 5 gallons. I went back to Foremans to buy a big pot, but I'm worried about it because it doesn't fit on my burners. Next to the black pot is one that I own. I could make a smaller concentrated 2 gallon batch and add water to the mix to make it 5 gallons.
The other problem I have is that the black pot doesn't fit in my sink. A real problem because right after you boil the mix for an hour, you have to cool it down FAST.

Ugh. Until I can visualize all this, I'm not going to boil a darn thing. I think I need to read up more. Honestly, this looks like a simple process with the kit. It also takes 30 days.

We need to also get some good beer bottles. So I'll have to buy some Sam Adam's bottles .

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Anonymous said...

Hi Shelly, use an outdoor BBQ burner to do the job, and cooling and washing of the pot can be done in the laundry do have a laundry sink?????

Had to ask that, as I find it interesting you only discovered solar power and pegging your washing out dries your washing for you. (It's a normal, common every day thing to do here in Australia).