Monday, July 14, 2008

J's new toy

I've been encouraging J to get a hobby and he'd had a "man crush" on strumsticks. He finally pulled the trigger and bought one:

We knew that when the strumstick arrived that M would want to play with it. It's too expensive for this to become a kid toy, so J bought a cheaper version. Here's the low end strum stick - basically the same thing J has but with a can at the end of the stick.

M was beyond thrilled. She's already announced that she's going to learn the Spongebob theme and play it at the school talent show.

Speaking of M. She went to her first day of Jump Rope Camp. She got her own jump rope and came back incredibly happy. She can't jump an individual rope very well and liked jumping the larger ropes. The class was made of ALL girls (surprise) and she had a great time.

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